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Support for Environmental organisations

Like businesses, environmental organisations should constantly strive to improve their results.  We combine our business and environmental expertise to help answer the most difficult questions, with the biggest influence on your outcomes.

How we help Environmental Organisations

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Keen to work better with businesses, to gain from their perspectives, resources and customer contacts?

We can identify which businesses might be interested in supporting your goals.  More importantly, and the area which NGOs and public bodies often don’t get right, we can help you to develop a proposition and approach that is attractive to business partners.


Need to update your strategy and plans to cope with a changing economic environment?

We can help you test whether your vision and mission are well defined, and help you develop the best strategy to fulfil them.  This needs to consider your engagement with the public and stakeholders, your capabilities and potential.  We’ll help you to define a plan of action and follow it through.


Unclear how to improve your management and organisational effectiveness?

We can help you to identify opportunities to streamline you management structures and processes based on our decades of experience in senior management of environmental organisations and businesses.  Such changes can be complex and sensitive, so we will help you develop a plan that covers all the factors necessary to make it stick.


Unsure how to engage better with the public?

With experience of consumer marketing, we know the key challenge is to get insights that are robust enough to inform confident action.  We can help you to get these insights from research or databases, and to develop plans to exploit them.  As in consumer markets, this often results in defining customer segments with different attractiveness and requiring different approaches.


Want to make your delivery better, faster and cheaper?

Our experience over several successful projects shows that reengineering business processes around customer needs can save 20%, 30% even 40% of the costs – coupled with an order of magnitude improvement in customer service.  We can help you understand the essential outputs, design the optimum process and set out a practical plan to get there from today.  Often this can be done without spending a fortune and with significant early gains.

"a catalyst which prompted the new energy

 in [the organisation]"


  – Senior Manager in national conservation


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