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From our 25 years of experience in finding and achieving business value for technology businesses and from environmental issues, we have drawn together some of the things we have learned as short introductory articles.  


We also like to keep up to date with issues that bridge between business, technology and the environment, including some that stimulate our curiosity – and we hope yours.  To do this we maintain links with:

  •  The space-related business cluster around the Satellite Applications Catapult at Harwell

  •  The technology, small business and investment community, particularly in Oxfordshire

  •  University of Oxford, including the Saïd Business School – particularly on Energy-related issues

  •  STFC and the Technology Strategy Board, Defra, ETI and other public and public-private bodies.

Featured article: What the environment can do for Business

Value for

Technology Businesses

The rising importance of environmental issues has both threats and opportunities for business.  But, it’s hard to determine which is which because:  

  •  Every threat contains an opportunity for someone who takes advantage of it.  Companies can shy about turning a threat into an opportunity

     for fear of being accused as ‘not really green, only in it for the money’.  But, many opportunities create benefits for both profits and planet.

  •  Every opportunity contains a threat for those that sit on their hands.  So the one type of ‘hidden opportunity’ is the one that everyone

     else considers a threat.


In our presentation "The business executive's guide to climate change", created for Climate Week, we discuss 8 key issues, from those  that are ‘mostly threat’ and work towards those that are ‘mostly opportunity'.  Here is a brief overview...


Mitigating threats


Following recent hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis, we are all aware of some threats the environment can pose to a business.

There less catastrophic but more common threats too:

  •  Increasing regulation around business operations and waste

  •  Pressure groups taking direct action against poor environmental performance

  •  Consumer choice moving towards greener options


Understanding the environment’s potential impact on your business, and your business’s impact on the environment can help you to prepare for and mitigate these threats – and even to turn adversity into opportunity.  


Creating opportunities


Understanding and working with nature can improve business performance in the short-term and the long-term.  Here are three ways it could help your business.

  •  The environment underpins all life and business.  It provides the air, water and food we need to survive.  It delivers the raw materials, energy

     and waste disposal needed by business.  Understanding these ecosystem services, their value to your business, and their future is essential.

  •  There are business opportunities in the environment.  Investing with the grain of nature can provide a financial return - wind power is an

     obvious example, but there are opportunities in marketing, water management and recreation too.

  •  Nature can help your people.  Involvement with nature is proven to improve health, and the knowledge that a business cares about its

     employees and its environment can boost motivation.


To understand the environmental impacts and potential opportunities for you business, please explore the Environmental Bridging pages, download our Viewpoint paper or contact us.

"This Government is determined to back you in your efforts to meet the challenge of making freight and logistics cleaner and greener."


 – Transport Minister Mike Penning confirms an extension of the rail freight mode shift grant, designed by one of Red Kite's Founders in 1994, and still delivering environmental value.  It has been approved to run until  at least 2020.

Please let us know if you would like to discuss any of these topics in more depth, or it there are other topics you would like to see our thoughts on.

What the Environment can do for business

See featured article below on this page


Environmental Bridging 

Understand the environmental threats and opportunities for your business, and develop your business strategy to improve both business performance and environmental performance.

Download Viewpoint paper as PDF


Environmental Reporting

Management information can enable value creation.  Find out how, and how many companies are reporting to government standards.

Download Viewpoint paper as PDF


Marks & Spencer's £70m environmental profit – why it's so important

What is most important sum of money for the environment last year?  It’s not a Government grant or a donation for conservation.  It’s the £70 million net annual benefit from one UK plc’s environmental strategy.


Using scenarios to anticipate challenges

The future is unknowable, but ‘scenario planning’ can develop your vision and give insight into future trends and their impacts on society, environment and business.  We’ve just co-authored a scientific paper on the subject.

Business skills for environmental organisations

The organisations that protect and enhance the environment play an important role that benefits us all.  But they need to overcome cultural and financial constraints to tap business skills like strategy, marketing and process re-engineering.


Using scenarios to anticipate challenges

The future is unknowable, but ‘scenario planning’ can develop your vision and give insight into future trends and their impacts on society, environment and business.  We’ve just co-authored a scientific paper on the subject.



Other thought-provoking topics


Biology and Business

Improving processes, optimising delivery routes, making better forecasts – common business problems, but ones where new breakthroughs have been achieved by taking lessons from biological systems.  This approach may even help prevent future financial melt-downs.

Value from

Environmental Issues

Environmental Organisations

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