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Business skills for environmental organisations

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The organisations whose mission is to protect and enhance the environment play an important role that ultimately benefits us all.  However, they often operate under constraints, cultural or financial, that make it difficult to tap skills that would help them to operate more effectively – skills like business strategy, marketing and process re-engineering.


These skills are better developed in the business world.  They are vital to a business’s survival, so are honed by the forces of evolution in a competitive market.  It is ironic that these forces of evolution operate much more quickly and ruthlessly in the business sector than in the environmental sector.


Environmental organisations that learn how to use these skills can make big improvement in their effectiveness.  For example:


Successful businesses focus and prioritise their actions to achieve the best results.  Environmental outcomes can't easily be measured in pounds and pence, but it is possible to prioritise them in a quantified way and hence maximise results for the resources invested.


Businesses continually innovate and test new ideas to increase return on investment.  Bringing this drive and the techniques of continuous improvement to the environmental world can greatly enhance results.


In the long-run, the environment's health depends on people's attitudes towards it.  Marketing techniques can help understand what people thing and develop a 'brand' for the environment that fully conveys its value.


To explore which business skills could benefit your organisation, please contact us.

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